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Nursery Uniform


Nursery children are encouraged to wear black jogging bottoms or shorts and a red, blue, yellow or green Booker Hill t-shirt or sweatshirt - this can be purchased through the school office. The Booker Hill logo is optional - speak to the Nursery staff for more information.

Reception Uniform


Reception are to follow to the same uniform guidelines as Years 1-6, apart from we suggest selecting a white polo shirt and black jogging bottoms, shorts or skirts. It is essential that children can move freely in the Early Years.

Main Uniform


Select an item of clothing to best suit your child from each of the below:

  1. White polo shirt, shirt or blouse
  2. Black tailored trouser, shorts, pinafore dress or skirt *
  3. Bottle green school sweatshirt / cardigan – logo optional
  4. Black, grey or white socks; or black or grey tights
  5. Plain black trainers or sensible black shoes

* Optional in the Summer – green and white checked dresses



School uniform can be purchased from PMG schoolwear - click on the icon above

P.E. Uniform


Select an item of clothing to best suit your child from each of the below:

  1. Bottle green shorts (if preferred, with black leggings underneath) or plain black jogging bottoms with elasticated ankles
  2. Yellow school T-Shirt – logo optional
  3. Plain black tracksuit top / sweatshirt (no hoodies) or bottle green school sweatshirt
  4. White socks suitable for P.E.
  5. Plain black or white trainers – NO PLIMSOLLS

No earrings or watches are to be worn during P.E.; newly pierced ears must be covered with a plaster or tape brought into school.