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Our Bespoke Curriculum

Challenge for All

Challenge is the core of the growth mindset and Booker Hill’s growth mindset ethos encompasses challenge for all. We want our children to take risks with their learning, to keep moving forward, and to savour each step of their learning journey. Our children must experience activities that require them to try and try again, and teachers provide them with feedback that keeps them motivated to keep pushing and trying. We want our children to persevere, learn to fail and figure out how to pick themselves up again.

At Booker Hill, we provide challenges at all levels so that all children, no matter what their strengths, are challenged to aim higher. Our Learning Without Limits ethos is based on not limiting challenges, but instead on challenging limits. This way, challenge becomes the new comfort zone and our children will speak confidently about their enjoyment of being challenged. Children are encouraged to have diversity of thought and to challenge the opinions of others so that they form their own opinions and become inquisitive about the world around them. In an ever changing and diverse world, our children need to embrace challenge and provide challenge so that they can become more confident, informed and equipped members of society.


Our Foundation Subject Curriculum

We have spent a lot of time tailoring our Foundation Curriculum to suit the interests and needs of our pupils. We have also drawn on our staff interests and talents to create a curriculum that is inspiring and engaging for all. Details of our journey towards creating a curriculum of memorable learning experiences can be viewed in the video below. For more information about any aspect of our curriculum, please email the school office (office@bookerhill.bucks.sch.uk) who will forward your request to the appropriate school leader.

What we teach and when (including progression)

At Booker Hill, we are committed to providing our pupils with a rich, broad and balanced curriculum that covers all of the required NC objectives. Therefore, we have mapped subjects both within year groups and across individual subjects to ensure that all objectives are covered and that our curriculum remains fulfilling and meets statutory requirements.

We have spent time mapping our foundation curriculum across subjects, year groups and key stages to ensure that content, knowledge and skills is taught and learned progressively. Children are reminded of prior learning in lessons and new learning builds on topics previously taught. Children - and now parents through our new termly topic maps (below) - are also given previews of learning that will follow later in their Booker Hill career that links to their current topics. 



 Throughout our curriculum, we promote both British Values and the school ASPIRE values